Where’s Walter?
Digital media

Where’s Walter? (Gentle on My Mind), 2020 asks the viewer to play a game. In appearing images, a digital cut-out of Walter Scott (1965 -2015) "runs." Outside the local news frame in which we typically reference his and other’s experiences, into a distorted, image-text treatment of the classic children's book Where’s Waldo? Re-presenting the public haunt of unarmed black women and men killed by police. Culled from the artist's series American Slideshows, 2015-Ongoing, Where's Walter? is set to a soundtrack of songs by NWA ("100 Miles and Running"), Frank Sinatra and Aretha Franklin ("Gentle on My Mind"). The artist serves a cut-out figure that runs into and out of America’s archive of National Parks landscape imagery as a flattened, and appropriated image of mourning. It’s life or death across the American landscape, through burning wildfires, o’er snow and evergreen, through hell and high water.


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